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How to Install ubuntu (Linux) on PC step by step

How to Install ubuntu (Linux) on PC. Ubuntu is a linux Operating System. It is a very fine OS for developers. Here you find  step by step guide to install linux on PC.In Ubuntu has some pre-installed tweaks that we cant forget. It is a freeware, so you can download it from its official website Here. In this tutorial, you will learn to install Ubuntu OS on your PC. Just follow the given instructions step by step and  install it.

How to Install ubuntu (Linux) on PC.


There are two very easy ways of installing Ubuntu OS on your PC.

  • CD/DVD
  • USB

You can also download linux iso from here very easy. Click here.

If you are using a CD/DVD, Restart your computer and Insert your disk.There you will see is an option to ‘BOOT FROM DVD”. Select it and next you will be watching is a ‘WELCOME’ Screen. Now choose your language and begin the installation.

Install Linux on PC how  – Steps With Screenshots

If you are using a USB drive. Press F12 key continuously and then you will get your BOOT options. Select on ‘BOOT FROM USB”. Select it, choose your language and begin the installation ubuntu.


In this  step to prepare your PC for installing Ubuntu. It will check that your PC is connected to a POWER SOURCE and you have enough space yo install the OS on your own drive.


In the  installing time  OS there is an option to Download the updates. If you want to download check on it and select your Wi-Fi (Internet) Connection and give it the WEP key, if you have one. If you not skip it.


Now chose  the drive to install your OS. There three option.

Number one if you are a windows user and also have windows installed on your drive, you can use both on your PC but once at a time.

If you want to clear the drive and only want to use Ubuntu then select the second option.

If you are an Advance User and want to Install it by your own way then select ‘SOMETHING ELSE’.


Ubuntu (Linux)  needs 4.8 GB of space to install. If you have selected the Installation type then click on the drive to install. Don’t worry about installing it along windows.It is easy and simple to do, also very safe to use. You can uninstall any of the OS at any-time if you need..


location  you need to select and Proceed to  next . If you are connected with Internet, it will auto detect your location. You change it anytime.




Then  Select your ‘Keyboard Layout’, if you do not know what it means then click on ‘AUTO DETECT’.


Next step to Setup you Login Credentials, it will require your name, Username and Password. You may blank it if you wish.



Ubuntu Installs its Important components  in your pc. It will take some time.


An welcome screen appear Congratulations, You have Installed Ubuntu OS on your PC. To take it effects click on ‘Reboot Now’ and when it will take few munites  gets boot. Now you enjoy your new OS Ubuntu (Linux).




That’s it How to Install ubuntu (Linux) on PC.


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